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Scale your business with Shopify mobile app.
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Shopify mobile app builder to built an mobile app in short time.
Build Your brand with Shopify mobile app.

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How you can Grow
your Business with AppOkart

Boosting your online store just got easier with Appokart, a fantastic Shopify mobile app builder. At present, where people love to shop on their phones, Appokart is the key to your success. It turns your Shopify store into a cool mobile app that helps you reach customers all over the world, keep them coming back, and always be on the cutting edge of online shopping.

Build a Stunning Mobile App in 60 Minutes

In just one hour, you can make a fully functional mobile app. It's your chance to bring your ideas to life and wow everyone with your stunning mobile app for the Shopify store. Ready to start building?

With Appokart, you can create an app for your online store and supercharge your sales, possibly up to 20 times! Our drag and drop mobile app builder is super easy to use, like dragging and dropping blocks, so you can be your own app-making genius.Get ready to transform your Shopify store into a mobile app with our top-rated Shopify mobile app builder. Let's get started on your journey to online success!

Why Your Shopify Store Need a Mobile App?

The mobile app makes shopping easier and better for your customers. It lets you talk to them, even when they're not online. Plus, it helps you reach more people and sell more stuff. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity – turn Shopify store into mobile app now!

1. Build App in Real-Time

See the changes you make to your app in real-time. Build your native mobile app for better customer engagement. You can create, convert, optimize and market your mobile app for shopify.
Build an app in real time

2. Build A Better Brand

Provide a better shopping experience to your customers with our Shopify mobile app builder. Engage with your customers, and send them push notifications about the latest deal on the product they have left on their wishlist (and much more).
Build a better brand

3. Showcase Products Like Pro

Do you know about the wonders product placement can do to boost your sales? With our no code mobile app builder, showcase all the latest collections to your customers in a more elegant way. Pin your latest launch at the top to let all your customers see what’s new.
Showcase products like pro

4. Send Push Notification

Engage with your customers, tell them what they are missing. Send unlimited push notifications reminding them about your upcoming sale or some offer that might be about to end.

Not just this, you can also use advanced automatic push notification that will remind your customers about the items that they have added to their cart but forgot to order.
Send push notifications

5. Improve your ROI

Research showed 90% of customers like to use mobile apps instead of mobile websites. You can beat the competition by building your Shopify app with AppOkart. With our truly DIY Shopify mobile app builder you can scale your business without emptying your bank account.
Improve your ROI

6. Leverage One-click Check-Out

Allow your customers to place an order with the minimum taps possible. Make the shopping experience easy and more comfortable. With Appokart offer easy check-out options to your customers making your business their favorite place to shop.
Leverage One-click Check-Out

Begin Your Journey To Success With Our Free Starter Plan

Reach Your Big Goals

Reach Your Big Goals

Our ready-made Shopify mobile app builder has already helped businesses (small and big) to reach their ultimate goals. For some, it is to beat the competition, and for some, it was to make 7 digits income. We can help you with both.
Your Business, Your Profit

Your Business, Your Profit

AppOkart mobile app for shopify helps you to set up your online shop. All the sales you make, and customers you meet are yours. We don’t take commission or charge transaction fees. This is your business and AppOkart is your app. We are just here to help you grow and make more profit.

Order and Checkout to Increase Sales

Optimizing your checkout page can help improve your customer’s experience and increase conversions and sales for your online store. Shipping options that are both fast and affordable can help avoid cart abandonment.
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Order and Checkout to Increase Sales

Build a Stunning Mobile App in 60 Minutes

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How You Can Grow
Your Business With AppOkart

With the help of Appokart you can build your online business app to boost your sales up to 20x. Our advanced mobile app builder features drag and drop functionality, offering you the true DIY experience of building your own app.

Start building your online store with our #1 Shopify mobile app builder and turn your Shopify website into a fully-fledged mobile app store.
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It Is No Secret That Mobile Apps Help Businesses To Get 3 Times More Sales? So what are you waiting for? We have build AppOkart the world’s most intuitive mobile app builder. You need no coding to build your Shopify-based mobile app when using AppOkart. Customize your app according to your need with simple drag and drop features. Build your own Shopify App today with AppOkart mobile app builder.

And because success doesn’t have to be expensive, we have some exciting offers for you.

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