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6 Tips To Grow Your eCom-Sales With A Mobile App

If you are an eCommerce website owner, you might already know about the benefits of turning your Shopify store into a mobile app. There are Shopify app builders, everyone is using them for building their mobile app. In return, they are able to generate more product sales. But this is not the complete story, as just having a mobile app for the Shopify store is not going to help you make big sales.

To get the best out of your mobile app for Shopify you need to have the perfect design along with the elements that will make your customers click on the buy button.

This article is meant to help you grow your sales. Will be discussing how you can use the no-code mobile app builder to design and customize your own app to generate more revenue.

Here are some important elements that you should use in order to grow your sales via a mobile app.

1. Rich Images

I’d just like to reiterate the importance of using images on product pages. Good photos from multiple angles can really help engage potential customers and increase sales. A white backdrop or neutral setting is ideal to showcase the product with no distractions. Good thing there are many Shopify app builder available in the market that allows full customization of your product page.

In addition to functional pictures, you can also create lifestyle photos and images of your product in use. It’s important that these images are just the right size and they should be easy to zoom in on, too.

2. Product Description That Tells What User Wants

Some features of a product cannot be communicated with images or videos. For instance, when it comes to bedsheets, you can’t get a sense of how soft or smooth it is through video or still images.

It’s important to include a product description on your website if you want to increase conversions. By providing detailed information about your products and their benefits, you’ll make your visitors more likely to purchase something.

A great product description should follow these three rules –

  1. Use a skimmable format to make it easy for readers to consume. Many prefer the use of bullet points or tables, but what is most important is that your content can be skimmed by its audience.
  2. Keep it short! Cut it down to 4 sentences max and make sure each point has a clear, easy-to-follow takeaway
  3. An objective review of the product’s features and placement, without any genuine feelings or thoughts.

3. Easily Visible Price Tag

It’s important to keep your price visible to potential buyers. They need to be able to see it at a glance, alongside the product name and photos. If they’re not interested in the price right off the bat, that could be all for them to move on.

To tempt customers, it’s important to use a discount right next to the original price and make it stand out with a bright and eye-clicking color! You can use the drag-and-drop feature of this no-code mobile app builder to find the best place to showcase the price of your app.

This is a great way to make your products stand out from the competition and to emphasize how budget-friendly they are.

4. CTA That Actually Works

Variety is the spice of life! There are plenty of call-to-action (CTA) types to choose from that best suit your product pages. Here are the 3 most common CTA’s that an eCommerce website can use to increase its product sales.

  1. Add to cart
  2. Buy now
  3. Add to wishlist

Among the three items listed, it’s the first two that are crucial. They need to be at the forefront and highly visible on product pages. Make sure they’re well-designed, bold & in a prominent position to capture the attention of website visitors.

If your product page is really long (very common in most apps), then it is recommended to keep the CTA buttons at the top or bottom of the page. That way, they’ll stay visible without getting lost during scrolling.

5. Add The Recommended Products List

Recommendations are a great way to ensure that your visitors are more likely to find what they’re looking for and continue to come back.

Visitors that come to your site with a purchase intent can be convinced to buy even more products based on their existing shopping behavior. These audiences are qualified, which makes them much easier to reach than those who are not really interested in what you have to offer.

The ‘Recommended Products’ section is the area of your list of items that other people who bought this product also bought. It’s a great place for you to mention those products, usually at the bottom of the item page just before reviews.

By the time they get here, they will know why they are buying it and what other products would go well with it. And with our cross-selling strategies, you’ll be able to make some extra money.

6. Product Review Section

Many app owners avoid reviews and ratings, thinking that it can affect their sales. Yes, negative reviews can drive away from some customers. But ‘no reviews’ might drive away all of their potential customers.

Social proof is a great way to get people on board and show how popular your product is. A strong positive sentiment will increase conversion rates & provide valuable information to potential customers.

We normally show the star ratings at the top, followed by a name and price to highlight. The reviews are usually listed at the bottom.

Conclusion: How To Use Shopify App Builder To Grow Your Sales

Your product page is the backbone that ties everything together. It has three major responsibilities, which you need to consider –

  • Offer the right information
  • Work on building trust, use the right element to do so
  • Make sure to have enough relevant CTA’s

A fully customizable Shopify app builder helps you to build the right product page. That too without having to hire a team of developers.

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