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Advice and answers from the Appokart Team

How To Customize And Send Manual And Automatic Push Notifications

Push notifications are the best way to interact with your customers and retain them on your platform. You can use push notifications to tell them about the new collection you have added, share special promo codes, remind them of the upcoming sale or event, etc.

Push notifications are considered as the best engagement strategy when it comes to mobile apps. They can boost your app launches and sales. To help you do things in the right way, we have created this article.

Start with logging in into your Appokart dashboard and select the Push notification from the left side menu as shown below.

This will open up the push notification editor, the place that you will be using to customize and send the notification. Designing push notifications with Appokart dashboard is simple. Just follow our step by step guide. We will be starting by discussing how to set-up manual push notifications.

1. Guide to set-up manual push notification

Using this method you can create unique deals, or send special promo codes to your customers to retain them on your app. Set-up process will be as follow:

Step 1: Add the message title

Play with the words, make it interesting and eye-catching. Let your customers know what this notification is about at their first glance.

Step 2: Add Message

Share a promo code that will make them come back to your app and shop. Or give them a sneak peak on the products that will be available on sale.

Step 3: Send Now Or Schedule For Later

Select whether you want to send the notification now or want to schedule it.

Step 4: Setting up the redirect link

Select where your customer will be redirected to. Do you want them to go to the product or want them to take to your collection section? Add the “action” that will occur once the user taps on the notification.

Step 5: Upload the image

Our suggestion is to use a graphic rich image that can easily grab their attention.

Once you are satisfied with everything and ready to publish your notification, simply click on send.

2. Guide to setup automatic push notification

In case your customer added something in their cart but forgot to check-out. The app will then send the automatic push notification to remind them that they might forget to place the order. Setting up automatic push notification is very simple and consists of only two steps..

Step 1: Select the automatic push notification

On the top of the screen you can find the option that reads automatic push notification. Once clicked it will open-up the editing dashboard for “abandoned cart notification.”

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details

Place the message title, use something interesting, to intrigue your user. Also enter the message you want to tell, upload a good image and click on save. That’s it! Now everytime your users forget to place an order after adding something into their cart, the app will automatically send them a notification.