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Advice and answers from the Appokart Team

How To Publish Your App And Start Your Online Business Journey

Guessing you are done with designing and testing your app. The next step towards your journey to start an online business is to publish the app that you have created. The process is pretty simple. You can either create your developer account and then invite us to upload your app or else select the second option as shown below and we will upload your app using our Appokart developers account.

Though you still need to follow three simple steps to complete the process.

  1. Creating a google and apple developer account
  2. Filling up the submission form
  3. Submitting it on the play store to publish

Without wasting any time let’s discuss each step in detail. So, you can publish your app immediately.

Step 1: Creating A Google And Apple Developers Account

Whether you want us to publish your app or you want to do it yourself, you will need both the google and apple developers accounts. These accounts are required so that you can register your app under your name and get more control over your application.

We have already made a detailed guide on how to create google and apple developers accounts.

You can check them out here:

*Links to the google and apple developer account articles*

Step 2: Filling Up The Submission Form

The next step after getting access to your developer accounts, you need to fill up the details of your app. To do so, we will be coming back to the Appokart dashboard which is shown in the figure below. From the screens option on the left, you will be selecting the *1*publish tab. It will open up the submission form.

Start with filling your *2* app title and *3* subtitle. For the demo, we have decided to submit an app for cycles. Depending on the business you run you will have to select the necessary name. After that define the app with a short *4* app description so that people can understand the purpose of your app.

Insert related *5* keywords for easy reach. Use the common words that your user will be using to reach a business like yours. Next enter the contact information, *6* support phone number, *7* support email, *8* support URL, and *9* privacy URL. Once done, upload the *10* app icon, recommended icon size is 1024×1024 pixels. Minimum is 500×500 pixels. And that’s it we are done with filling in all these details.

Step 3: Request For Store Submission

Take a second look at all the details that you have entered above. Once done, click on save and your application will be submitted to the app store. Now the approval process might take some time, you will be notified once your app is live.