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Build Shopify Store In Less Than A Minute

Shopify is quickly becoming one of the leading e-commerce platforms. More than 1 million companies use it and they also have more than 100 million users in total. Shopify app builder

Shopify is the most well-known e-commerce brand in the world, period. Its website has been around for years and it still has a large portion of the e-commerce market share. But Shopify plays a vital role as a platform that other e-commerce apps can use with success.

Shifting Trend From eCommerce To mCommerce

We have all seen how apps are essential to modern mobile devices. They occupy the minds of 90% of mobile phone users. With so many apps emerging these days and the success rate more than impressive, eCommerce is also entering the app realm.

Shopify, one of the most prominent eCommerce platforms, allows consumers to create e-commerce websites without having to know anything about coding or web design. Websites, however, are no longer the dominant eCommerce platform in the age of mobile.

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How Mobile App For Shopify Can Help Your Business

Shopify’s website traffic is heavily reflective of the dominance of mobile devices in eCommerce. 79% of Shopify customers shop on their phones or tablets.

The number of mobile apps available has been rapidly increasing and they are being created to help solve various business problems quickly and easily. They also create new opportunities while making the user experience simple.

Mobile commerce apps have increased the convenience and usability of doing business with companies, and this has yielded significant success for them. Mobile commerce apps do about twice as much as other eCommerce websites and are a sure bet for businesses looking to expand their brand.

Furthermore, one out of every four app users adds an item to their shopping basket, compared to only 13% of website visitors. And, whereas half of the customers make purchases through an app, only 34% of website visitors purchase the

It’s clear that your business should turn its site into a mobile app for the best possible results. After looking at Shopify’s stats, it shows that this is the most brilliant idea to reach your customers.

Let’s look at how you can do it with minimum effort.

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Using Shopify Mobile App Builder To Build To eCommerce App

It is perfectly fine, if you have decided to use Shopify to build an app for your business but don’t know a lot about app development.

There is a lot of Shopify app builder available to create an app in a short amount of time. That too with no prior development skills.

Before making a choice in the end, it is important that you have an idea of what features and services your app will require. In the next section, we will be helping your find the best mobile app for Shopify store.

Things To Remember When Picking Shopify App Builder

The app builder should provide you with all the essential functions. But they should also supply the features that aren’t essential when building an eCommerce app.

Compatibility: As the number of e-commerce platforms online has increased, so have the complications inherent in developing an app. Your app creator should work with the most popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify to ensure compatibility when programming an app.

Ease of use: You have no experience with traditional app development so for you, your preferred Shopify app builder should be easy-to-use and have a drag-and-drop interface. A newbie will find this simple interface much more attractive and simple when compared to building app from scratch.

Speed and Design: In addition, the app you develop should meet modern standards and encourage customers to come back as repeat visitors. It must also be easy to use so your customers will want to explore more options.

Why Invest In Shopify Mobile App Builder

Quick App Development: Developers now have the power to design and create a new mobile app without learning how to code. And you don’t need a team of experts to build it either.

Code-free: You can go off-the-shelf or use a code-free app-building platform that is available. Creating an app like this doesn’t require any coding skills.

Android and iOS: You will be able to create a mobile app for iOS and Android without major hassle because this is the trickiest part of getting your app out there.

Simple customization: By leveraging a trusted platform like Bionic, you can take the design for your app from the concept stage all the way to production with minimal effort and time.

Turn Your Shopify Store Into Mobile App

Transform your Shopify store into a powerhouse app! Boost your business with an app that not only looks amazing but also turbocharges your sales. Our app makes your brand unforgettable.

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